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You have a SaaS solution we have identified as being a perfect fit for our Digital Business Hub.

Our Marketplace reaches over 2500 customers across Africa and is growing each month. That growth is powered by the constant acquisition of new solutions, like yours!

When you sign up to sell your SaaS solution(s) through our Marketplace, those customers can be yours, too.

The aim of our Digital Business Hub is to accelerate digitisation for Africa SMBs, and we’d love to help you contribute to that process.

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Why Digital On Demand?

Our Digital Business Hub offers you a digital storefront for your solutions. It comes with convenient and transparent billing, an easy-to-use interface, and rock-solid reliability.

You also get access to our expert support processes and personnel, which takes the strain of providing support to your new customers off you.

Benefits of selling your solution through our Digital Business Hub:

Solutions that we are looking to add to our Marketplace:

The African countries that our Marketplace currently serves include:

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