Eswatini Mobile Enhances Enterprise Messaging with Connect Mobile’s Web-Based SMS Platform.

Eswatini Mobile is a telecommunications company based in Eswatini (formerly known as Swaziland). They provide mobile services, including voice calls, data, and messaging, to customers in the region. 



Eswatini Mobile, a leading mobile network provider in Swaziland, embarked on a mission to enhance their client's enterprise messaging campaigns by utilising modern technological solutions. In June 2022, they integrated the web-based product Plugin into their operations, aiming to streamline SMS campaigns, improve reporting, and enhance their service suite.


Project Challenge Outline

Prior to using the web-based messaging platform, Plugin, Eswatini Mobile encountered challenges in efficiently managing and executing enterprise messaging campaigns. Their existing systems lacked user-friendly interfaces for bulk SMS campaigns, comprehensive reporting capabilities, and flexibility in managing sender IDs for international communication

Solution Outline​

Upon integrating Plugin into their operations, Eswatini Mobile witnessed significant improvements in managing enterprise messaging campaigns:

  • Bulk SMS Wizard: Plugin provided an intuitive bulk SMS wizard, empowering users to effortlessly create and manage SMS campaigns. This feature streamlined the campaign creation process, saving time and effort for Eswatini Mobile’s clients.
  • Robust Reporting: The platform offered robust reporting functionalities that allowed for detailed analysis of outgoing and incoming messages. This comprehensive reporting system enabled Eswatini Mobile’s clients to gain valuable insights into campaign performance, recipient engagement, and overall effectiveness.
  • Alpha Sender IDs: Plugin enabled the setting of alpha sender IDs, particularly beneficial for international communications. This feature allowed Eswatini Mobile’s clients to add sender IDs according to specific country regulations, enhancing the credibility and professionalism of their messages.
  • User Experience Enhancement: With Plugin, Eswatini Mobile’s clients experienced an overall enhancement in user experience. The platform’s user-friendly interface, coupled with its advanced functionalities and powerful security measures, provided a seamless and efficient messaging experience, leading to increased satisfaction among users.

Business Outcomes & Experience

Since its implementation in June 2022, Plugin has yielded remarkable results for Eswatini Mobile. Over 1,000,000 messages have been sent via the platform, demonstrating widespread adoption by clients. The platform has successfully onboarded over 50 users, showcasing growing popularity and trust. Clients have reported increased efficiency in managing SMS campaigns, thanks to the intuitive bulk SMS wizard. The robust reporting system enables data-driven decisions, leading to improved campaign performance and ROI. Customisable alpha sender IDs enhance message credibility and branding, resulting in higher recipient engagement. Overall, Plugin positions Eswatini Mobile as a leader in innovative enterprise messaging solutions within Swaziland and beyond.

By integrating Plugin, they’ve effectively addressed challenges associated with enterprise messaging campaigns, providing clients with a comprehensive and user-friendly platform. The positive feedback from clients underscores Plugin’s value in enhancing service offerings and driving success in enterprise messaging campaigns.

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