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Join the digital mining revolution and partner with businesses to drive growth and innovation. With one of the main goals of mining digitization being the improvement of safety and automation to improve efficiencies and costs, there is a significant opportunity for SaaS companies to offer their solutions such as automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics and Internet of Things (IoT). Our platform connects SaaS companies with mining SMBs looking to digitize their business. Partnering with us can help you access a wider customer base, build long-term relationships, and drive meaningful impact for SMBs in the mining industry.

Here’s how partnering with our Digital Business Hub helps boost your business and reach new customers.

  • Our Digital Business Hub targets small and medium-sized mining companies. Not only can you reach new customers, you gain access to our Marketing as a Service (MaaS) to grow your business.
  • Become GDPR compliant with Azure and protect customer data.
  • Gain from Azure’s built-in security features and scalability.
  • We will help you market your software solution and reach new potential customers

We will connect you to new customers

All of our solutions have been expertly crafted by African solution providers, with industry expertise and experience in their specific industry. Our campaigns actively promote the adoption of digital technologies and provide access to knowledge, skills-development and tools to improve their results. We look forward to adding your solution to our catalogue.

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