Reach more customers, boost sales and grow your business with our feature-packed e-Commerce platform and field sales app.

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Enhance Your Sales Capabilities With a Branded Digital Storefront

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You can’t build and grow a business in this age without a powerful online presence. A responsive and well-designed e-Commerce site plays a key role in this.

With this advanced platform, it’s easier than ever to get your online store up and running and boost your sales team’s efficiency. Use it to design a secure and reliable self-service purchase experience to attract and retain customers. Pair that up with our field sales app to further empower sales reps.

This feature-packed solution brings industry-leading benefits including:


R 101.27 per user per month

About the vendor

Saleslogic has a history of creating custom enablement solutions that include warehouse, depot, process management and other. They aim to improve processes and automation with their e-commerce platform.


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This solution makes use of the Hyperscaler cloud platform, Microsoft Azure ensuring its’ security, scalability and reliability. Microsoft Azure’s robust foundation, enables seamless migration, modernization, and innovation at scale.

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