VirtlX by Rison Software Ltd

Enhance your business with VirtlX from Rison Software Ltd. A platform transforms real-time customer and employee feedback into actionable analytics. Improve your business communication, boost performance, and foster a positive work environment. Make data-driven decisions today for a prosperous tomorrow with VirtlX.

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Unleash Potential with VirtlX: Transform Feedback into Actionable Insights for Business Success!

VirtlX, developed by Rison Software Ltd, is a comprehensive management platform that focuses on people analytics, performance, and wellbeing. It analyzes employee and customer feedback in real time, transforming this data into meaningful and relevant company analytics. The platform is designed to significantly change your internal and external communications, providing insights that can improve many aspects of your business. It offers unique insights into employee engagement, satisfaction, and wellbeing with tools like Pulse, 360˚ & Peer Reviews. It is praised for its ability to provide a snapshot view of what’s affecting your business, both from inside and out.

VirtlX offers a range of key features that can benefit businesses of all sizes:


R 101.27 per user per month

About the vendor

Rison Software Ltd is a leading IT and Virtl.X People Science advisory company, dedicated to transforming businesses through insightful analytics. Our flagship product, VirtlX, provides real-time, actionable insights from employee and customer feedback, enhancing communication and performance. We offer tools for employee engagement, satisfaction, and wellbeing, along with customer sentiment analysis. Our commitment to delivering value and support ensures that you get it right the first time.

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